The Apex – power of Wing Chun training stance

The Wing Chun training stance (二字鉗羊馬 Yee ji kim yeung ma)

The Wing Chun training stance is based on a triangle, also known as the strongest shape. This is the first triangle you will learn from the beginning.

The concept within the triangle is to highlight the apex (red triangle in figure 1), which is on your centre line and is your strongest point. Figure 2 shows your apex runs up the centre line (yellow lines) away from the body (about 70% +/- 5% of an arm’s length), which is a very short range.

Any deviation from the apex will reduce power, and risk structure integrity, meaning the person dominating centre will always have the advantage.

Overtime you will learn additional triangles and layers will added. The apex is a very basic concept, but must be well understood to improve the stance.

written by Long