1. Will I learn what I see in the Movies?

Not quite. Choreography in films is typically orchestrated to heighten action for entertainment value. But you will see some similarities!

2. How do you grade levels? Are there belts?

While we absolutely think it’s important to mark the progress and development of martial artists through their training, DFWC does this in a less conventional way.

As the school does not operate with a strict curriculum, it’s difficult to have a strict belt system as well. Therefore, the school uses ‘levels’ to distinguish the students with varying grades of development.

3. Does DFWC focus exclusively on Wing Chun?

Since Wing Chun embodies a state of mind/spirit and employs a strong understanding of body mechanics, rather than simply a collection of hand movements and forms. Students are welcome to apply their understanding to other martial arts practices. In fact, Sifu Mike has been encouraging students to understand and explore the applications.