Traditional v. Commercial Teaching

DFWC differs from commercial schools in that there is no set curriculum, and you will have direct instruction from Sifu Mike and the seniors present in the class, who will assist you in learning and cultivating the basics of DFWC Wing Chun.

You’ll find that classes in DFWC are structured and customised depending on the level of the students who are in class that day. So you don’t have to worry if you’re only just starting!

Sifu Mike provides clear demonstrations and explanations to guide you on your journey, and students are encouraged to ask questions so they can learn, test their assumptions, train hard, and get results.


In addition to traditional training, we understand the importance and benefits of being physically fit. Students can freely use equipment’s such as free weights, punching bags, kicking pads and boxing mitts before class begins. However, it is encouraged and expected that students spend time training their fitness at home as well.


The classes are split between the General Class and Level 2.

The General class will typically include the cultivation of structure through stance training and Chi Sao (sticky hands).

The Level 2 Class is by invitation only and includes a more advanced application and development of structure.

See timetable below: