Learn the complete Wing Chun system and its application as taught by Great Grandmaster Yip Man. DFWC prides itself on focusing on a few key principles and internal aspects that lay the groundwork for effective power generation from short distances, it is not about fancy hand movements or drills.

Derek Fung Wing Chun (DFWC) is based in the Chinese Masonic Society building at 18 Mary Street in Surry Hills, specialising in Wing Chun kung fu and self defense in Sydney.
馮平波詠春(DFWC) 座落在華人致公總堂,地址:18 Mary Street, Surry Hills. 專門在悉尼訓練詠春功夫和自衛術。

With 4 classes per week (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat), at DFWC, we strive for simplicity and offer exceptional value for training. There is no lock in contract or joining fees.
每週四節課(週一,三,五及六)。在馮平波詠春(DFWC), 我們特別著力於簡明有效的訓練,沒有入會費,沒有鎖定合同。

What is Wing Chun? 何謂詠春?

Wing Chun is a Chinese Fighting system that emerged approximately 300 years ago from the Shaolin Temple in the Qing Dynasty, understood to be the birthplace of Kung Fu.

We know much of the system through knowledge passed down by practitioners as well the Wing Chun Kuen Kuit, a document that contains the system as well fundamental principals written in poetic form.

The style is used for standing close range combat that emphasises the use of hands and structure that work together.

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