Grandmaster Derek Fung


Derek Fung is one of the last surviving direct students of the legendary Wing Chun master, Mr Yip Man. Known as ‘lightning hands’ in Hong Kong for his speed and willingness to showcase the Wing Chun system in no rules hand to hand combat.

Derek started his Wing Chun journey in 1954, training 6 days a week at the Restaurant Workers Union. With over 60 years experience, Grandmaster Derek Fung is one of the top Wing Chun trainers in the world.

Grandmaster derek fung wing chun
Wing Chun is known for its simplicity and practicality. The essence of Wing Chun is the ability to generate power, regardless of size and strength” said Grandmaster Derek.

“Wing Chun’s practical and tangible force appeals to thinking people; rather than learning by sequences they are given an instant ability to use this dynamic Wing Chun force for self defense.

The most important concept in Wing Chun is the Stance must be very active and adaptable. It is like a car, it can go anywhere. One time when I went back to Hong Kong to visit Mr Yip Man, he gave me one piece of advice. He said the most important thing is to train hard in Siu Nim Tau. The more you train, the better.

My hope is, as Mr Yip Man wrote, that Wing Chun can continue to flourish and grow. It is most important to always think of the source of water you drink from, to never forget that our Kung Fu came from our forerunners and to respect and honour them.”

An interview by Wing Chun Origins Magazine provides insights on Derek Fung training experience with Mr. Yip Man.

DEREK FUNG Original Student




“詠春以其簡約和實用而聞, 詠春拳的精髓在於能夠發威力,無論大小身形和力量” 馮平波師傅說.